Mood Board

This mood board shows a summary of the ideas I established during conceptual development on the case study of Lobitos, Peru. It includes some of the main mediums I used in my conceptual development (paint, pen, photo transfer and ink). The colours, styles and subjects show strong links with my final piece and I think it conveys my ideas […]

Conceptual Development

Sketchbook pages and development In my sketch book I began by representing all the issues faced by the town of Lobitos in different media. These were grouped into the categories – Industry, transport, infrastructure, housing, water, waste and sanitation. The industry in Lobitos was represented by the black thread which I made into a net, […]

Final Piece

Final Piece Explanation Water is central to life in Lobitos, Peru. The relationship between the town of Lobitos and water is one of extreme positives and negatives. This piece aims to highlight this using contrasting mediums, colour and style in order to portray the different moods. There are many issues facing the town of Lobitos, yet […]