Mood Board

Mood Board: The positive view of the surfing industry in Lobitos: The negative views of the surfing industry in Lobitos:   My mood board was focused on the surfing industry and its effects (both positive and negative) on all aspects of the Lobitos community. I focused on one side of the mood board being the […]

Sketch Book

Sketch Book on Lobitos The process of creating a sketchbook was very enjoyable. It let me analyse the Lobitos community as a whole and allowed me to develop my thoughts and feelings towards my idea for the mood board and then final project. All in all the development and process of creating the sketchbook was […]

Final Exhibit

Final Exhibit   Plaque Three acrylic-on-canvas paintings, displaying three possible views of the impacts of surfing on the Lobitos community in Peru. All three paintings are fairly abstract and you are able to look at them with an open mind and can interpret them as you wish. This enables you to see how the surfing […]