Week 4 – Identifying our pop-up message


This week we started preparing our stand up exhibition in terms of location, timing and content. We first did an exercise trying to think about our target audience in 3 different location namely near South Kensington Tube Stations, outside the museums on Exhibition road and finally in Imperial itself (perhaps in an entrance.) Our audiences at each of these locations we realised would be quite different with a huge range of people particularly commuters at South Ken, primary school level children and people interested in Science outside the museums and obviously in Imperial itself mostly individuals with science backgrounds extending to quite a high level. Because of these differences wherever we do choose we will have to adjust the science level accordingly and do different tasks and activities to engage people.


In terms of incentives we thought about food and sweets for both Imperial and Exhibition road as this would hopefully draw people in to then take part in an activity for a reward. Ideas for an interactive element did depend on topic but we thought of general ideas like interactive quizzes where you and a friend compete in answering question. A poll where people enter in responses and hence we could measure certain outcomes and arts and craft. Obviously level depending on location and target audience as well.



Finally we also brainstormed topics and after discussion broke into two main groups focussing on both nutrition and conservation. The nutrition group talked about a display educating people about food and healthy living for example the amount of sugar in food. My group focussed on conservation and our early thoughts include focussing on native species like bees which have been in much decline over the past few years. We could engage with the general public through quizzes and possibly making beeswax candles aiming to increase people’s awareness and interest in nature and problems including global warming and habitat change among many other things.


It will be great to build on this in the coming weeks and start to build a clearer picture of our exhibition but there is a lot of ideas and potential with both topics and I am really excited in the comings week to explore these.


For this week activity, we have to discuss and came out with general idea for the upcoming pop-up exhibit that will take place in 5 weeks time.  Firstly, we discussed about our target groups for the exhibition so that we could organize more focused activities depending on our target groups’ age. Before we were separated into groups, we have our independent 25 minutes individual time to generate ideas and methods that we want to use for the exhibition. I went to library café and accidentally met several friends and took the opportunity to ask them about their personal interest in science exhibition. One of my friends gave me a really good idea to organize an exhibition to show spreading of the common cold like freshers flu.


Through brief discussion and idea explanation with all of the members, we finally settled with two main topics that we think are really practical and interesting.

Brainstorming ideas

The 2 topics were conservation and nutrition. I chose to be in the conservation exhibition because I think that it is really important to raise public awareness about the importance of conservation. We discussed the rough ideas about the activities to be held for the pop up exhibition. And since we think that children would be the best target for this exhibition, we plan to have many exciting and fun activities to attract children attraction and in the same time raising their awareness about science.  To make this pop up exhibition a success, we will seek for professional advice by contacting Imperial ecologist to gain more ideas.

This week we aimed to focus on the upcoming exhibit. Talking about the different audiences; children, adults, Imperial students or busy commuters, and how we may have to change our ideas to target and capture the right audience.


Sian then talked us through the exhibits produced by last years VGC group. We discussed the positive aspects as well as what didn’t work so well, in an attempt to better understand the effectiveness of different methods of exhibition. My personal favourite focused on the SAFE project in Borneo which aims to stop deforestation for the intention of gaining palm oil. The group had a number of different items that contained palm oil, and asking the public to show how much they thought these products were necessary, the audience used a sliding scale to voice their opinions. These were then photographed and recorded so other participants could see what others before them had thought.

We also discussed our individual gallery trips and how they gave us differing inspirations for the exhibit.


We went off individually to brainstorm and came up with three topic ideas and three ways of interacting with the audience each. Returning together, we discussed the ideas and quite naturally formed 2 topic groups, nutrition and conservation. In my group, I’m joined by Priya and Jacob and together we plan to make an interactive exhibit whereby the crowd has to guess the salt and sugar content in different processed foods. We hope this will be informative, fun and slightly surprising to the many different types of people walking by.

The last aim was to contact a relevant scientist to ask for an interview. The area of research at Imperial that we want to use as the basis of our exhibit will be a study into the link between Type 2 Diabetes and sugary soft drinks by Dr Dora Romaguera –http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/newsandeventspggrp/imperialcollege/newssummary/news_24-4-2013-16-31-35


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